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8 Simple Truths to Boost Your Career and Life

8 simple truths

8 Simple Truths to Boost Your Career and Life

What I know to be true, is that it is rather impossible to coach on business and success without also coaching on life.

When there is a problem within your business or career life, that problem also spills out into the other areas of your life as well. It often originates within your personal life first, before manifesting into your business.

Your frustrations and happiness at work seep into other areas of your life. When things aren’t going well at work, that affects your health and home life. And your health and home life will impact how well you do your job.

And because of the complexity of these connections, you haven’t been able to get yourself back on the right track. You don’t seem to have enough time for your family, or your job, and things- important things- are slipping by without you even noticing.


I’m going to cover the 8 simple truths to boost your career and life. And I’m going to do it throughout 8 articles.

And I’m going to ask you that as you complete the learning of each of these truths, and begin applying them to your own life, that you commit to teach others what you’ve learned.

There are 3 parts to leadership- learn it, live it, and share it. The sharing is the most rewarding of all because when you share what you’ve learned, you give back and contribute to other’s success.

Success really isn’t a secret.

And it’s also not doing just one thing better than most people. Success is created and sustained, by discovering simple truths from many people, and then applying them to your situation.

So, I’m going to ask you to not just simply read these truths, but to embody them, live them, and share them with others. Knowledge without application is useless.


The 8 Simple Truths

Over the next several weeks we are going to deep-dive into 8 simple truths to boost your career and life. The truths we will cover are these:

Go through each lesson in order, without skipping to where you think you need to be. There is a method to this madness 😉


The Ground Rules

We all need to reboot our life and career, just as we reboot our computer systems occasionally when they become cluttered and slow down. Many of us are simply burnt out, working hard but going nowhere.

But you’re here, now, because you are ready to move forward.

We all get burnt out occasionally. It’s created by stress- a constant level of stress. It can be devastating to your job performance, but more importantly, it can destroy your physical health as well.

The first thing you need to do when you’re burnt out, is to figure out if the situation is a long-term challenge or merely a short-term inconvenience.

If it’s not a short-term inconvenience, then I would suggest talking to someone about it. Holding the stress inside only creates more stress. By sharing it with someone you trust, you’ll discover there are things you can do to improve the situation.

One of the keys to getting things back on track is to not overreact. When we are in burn out mode, everything is exaggerated. Stop digging and making the rut deeper.

In times of ambiguity and stress, never make long-term, life-changing decisions. And don’t simply sit there hoping things will improve. Never in the history of mankind has a situation improved on its own while people sat there doing nothing.

At the end of each of these lessons, I’m going to ask you to do something different going forward. If you’re serious about changing your situation, you have to do things differently.

What you’ve been doing is what got you where you are right now.

Nothing changes without something changing. If you’re not willing to think and act differently, then we are wasting each other’s time.

I want you to take good notes while you are here learning with me. Handwriting rather than typing, allows us to tap into the right side of our brains where creativity, conceptual thinking, and problem solving exist.

When you write things down, it clarifies and reinforces your commitment to doing them. If you simply tell yourself what you want to do, there is really no commitment to getting it done.

Take good notes so you can pass this on to your loved ones.


The problems you are facing are not unique to you. Even though we tend to think our challenges are rare and unique, they aren’t. Everyone faces similar issues. Even the most successful people have these challenges.

There’s no reason to be embarrassed or to dwell on where you are. That’s a waste of time and energy. What you’re currently experiencing happens to many others.

People get caught up during life’s journey and forget to take care of the basics. They lose sight of what they’re trying to accomplish. Things move ahead smoothly, and the smoother it is, the easier it is to become distracted. We tend to lose focus. And then when a crisis hits, we over react and search for somewhere to put the blame instead of moving forward.

Most of the time, you learn best when you’re in the middle of a storm. No matter how bleak the situation, if you think about it, you’ll realize there is always something that can be done. There is always something you can do.

What you can do, right now, is develop a plan to improve your situation, and then concentrate your time and energy there.


It’s Never Too Late to Change

Based on my own personal experience, I assure you, now is the best time for you to change your thinking, habits, and behaviors. You still have a great life ahead of you. You just need to work your way out of the place you’re currently in.

Very few people have the courage to take these steps. The first step is the toughest, so you’re already making progress. You begin growing when you accept the truth of your situation.

This process will take 8 weeks, or 8 lessons. Long-term success is not the result of one defining change. That rarely happens.

Success comes from developing the habit of doing several small, simple actions. Each of those actions are independent yet connected. Like a tree branch. Each of the leaves are independent, but they are connected by a strong stem.

These simple truths are the leaves, and you are the stem.

If you’re ready, let’s begin with Secret 1: No Matter What.

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