Hi, I’m Kimberly Shukla

Psychologist * Certified Life Coach * Certified Hypnotherapist *

"I awaken people to their best lives by helping them heal their thinking, step into their potential and experience the freedom that resides there."

Kimberly Shukla is on a mission to connect 1 Billion individuals worldwide with true success by having them create a life that expresses their infinite purpose and potential, so they can experience the freedom and fulfillment they desire.

Kimberly Shukla is a powerful transformative coach and intuitive healer. Her work has touched and transformed the lives of thousands around the world. Her weekly blog is among the most bookmarked and read sites in the world.

Drawing on Kimberly's 20 years of working with individuals, families, and professionals to dramatically improve their lives, the mind shift she offers frees people from unnecessary limiting beliefs, blocks, and puts them back in touch with the source of their enthusiasm for life and work.

Although Kimberly Shukla has accumulated several degrees and certifications, she credits her own life experiences and failure as the most valuable tools for helping others. Kimberly works harder on herself than on anyone else. Kimberly's audiences are inspired by stories of her "low points"- giving them hope, because they realize that they are not really as bad off as she was- they figure if Kimberly can transform her life, so can they!

Kimberly Shukla believes in the power of coaching so much that she regularly works with her own life coaches, relationship coaches, spiritual coaches, an business coaches to continually grow and transform her life.