One on One Genius Session with Kimberly Shukla


From: $2,000

Ready to bring new insights and tap into your genius?

These sessions are perfect if you want:

  • An outside eye to take a fresh look at your project, business, career, or life.
  • To brainstorm possibilities around a goal, problem, target, or challenge.
  • To fall more deeply in love with your life and everything (or anything) in it.

Sessions last 60-90 minutes, cost $2,000, and are bookable below pending availability. (Please read the “How It Works” section below before booking.)




How It Works

Because my schedule only allows me to take on a relatively small number of full time clients each year, I’ve decided to open up a few afternoons each month for what I call “Genius Sessions”. We meet via Skype, spend some time together, and you leave the session with fresh insights, a renewed sense of possibility, and above all, having fallen more deeply in love with your life.

  • Sessions last 60-90 minutes, cost $2,000 and are bookable online pending availability.


  • Unless otherwise arranged, all sessions are held online via Skype. On booking, you’ll receive an email with details.


  • You may send me anything you’d like me to read, watch, or listen to ahead of our time together. If I receive it less than 72 hours before our session (or if there’s a lot of content), I may or may not get to it before we meet up.


The Cancellation Policy is as follows:

  • More than 2 weeks out, a full refund or rescheduling.


  • 48 hours to 2 weeks out, no refund but your session may be rescheduled any time within the following 6 months (pending availability).


  • Less than 48 hours, no refund or rescheduling will be offered.