The Principles Behind the Human Experience

When it comes to the human experience, we can understand the foundational elements in the form of 3 universal principles: Mind, Consciousness, and Thought. While these words are perceived differently by different people, the principles they point to have been observed and studied in philosophy, and religion throughout time. They are the basic facts of life- formless, foundational elements that can be observed solely through their effects:

The Principle of Mind:
There is an energy and intelligence behind life. It’s ever present but it’s not “in control”- it has no inherent morality or apparent point of view. It simply ensures that but for the interference of external circumstances, cuts heal, seeds become flowers, and life begets life.
The Mind is the projector (power source) in the movie of our human experience. Without Mind, you have nothing. You have a film and a screen.

The Principle of Consciousness:
The capacity to be aware and experience life is innate in all of us. Our level of awareness in any given moment determines the quality of our experience.

Consciousness informs our senses. Without consciousness you wouldn’t know that anything is happening. Consciousness is the movie screen that lets you experience the movie.

The Principle of Thought:
We create our individual experience of reality through the vehicle of Thought. Thought is the missing link between the formless world of pure potentiality and the created world of form.
Thought is the playdoh of the universe (the content of a movie). You can make anything out of it. Whether you make a monster or a beautiful scene, it’s all playdoh all the time.

When you combine these 3 elements, you have the human experience. Every experience any human has ever had is made up from the Mind, taking form through Thought, and experienced through Consciousness. This is the Inside-Out understanding.

Everything we live comes from within ourselves, which means that we have control of how we want to experience life.

The Universal Mind, is constant and unchangeable. The personal mind is in a perpetual state of change. All humans have the inner ability to synchronize their personal mind with their universal mind to bring harmony to their lives.
Consciousness is the gift of awareness. It allows the recognition of form, which is an expression of Thought. Mental health lies within the consciousness of all humans, but is clouded and held prisoner by our own erroneous thoughts. This is why it’s essential for us to look past our contaminated thoughts in order to find the purity and wisdom that lies inside our own consciousness.

Thought is the creative energy that directs us through life. It’s the master key that opens the world of reality to all living creatures. Thought is not reality; yet through Thought our realities are created

What does this mean for humanity? It means that there is an extraordinary creative potential that lives largely dormant inside human beings that can become a factor in every area of our lives…

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