What Is Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)?

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a powerful (award-winning) therapy that combines the beneficial principles of modalities such as NLP, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Talk Therapy. RTT applies proven, powerful techniques in influencing the body on a cellular level, offering desired unaparelled results in as little as 1-3 sessions.nnWith its globally validated results Rapid Transformational Therapy is already being heralded as the New Standard, being endorsed by many International bodies, because it flat out works.nnRTT provides the ability to team up with and easily access your subconscious mind, allowing us to uncover, reprogram and upgrade limiting beliefs and find the root cause of any physical, mental issue, pattern, or behavior providing freedom, relief and healing. It connects you with your innate healing power.nnBy gaining direct access to the subconscious mind, it allows us to create the change you seek. You experience transformation instantly, cumulatively or in retrospect.nnRTT gives you insight, understanding, and new perspectives which in turn, increases your own self-awareness which is a key component of emotional intelligence. Self-awareness allows you to expand your view and shift perception, which allows for greater connection to Self and your surroundings. You are ultimately able to reclaim your voice, power and self-worth as you reconnect to the extraordinary confidence and power you were born with.nnu0026nbsp;

Who Is Rapid Transformational Therapy For?

u003culu003en tu003cliu003eAnyone who wants to feel better and reach peak performance in life.u003c/liu003en tu003cliu003eAnyone desiring change or experiencing issues they want relief from.u003c/liu003en tu003cliu003eAnyone who doesn’t want to waste years in therapy. If you want to save time and see rapid results- this is for you.u003c/liu003en tu003cliu003eAnyone who would rather enjoy the comfort of their own environment rather than sitting in a clinical office setting.u003c/liu003en tu003cliu003eAnyone who has tried other forms of therapy and haven’t experienced results.u003c/liu003en tu003cliu003eAnyone who wants to improve an aspect of their habitual, mental, physical, or emotional life.u003c/liu003en tu003cliu003eAnyone who wants a life of freedom, joy, and fulfillment.u003c/liu003enu003c/ulu003e

What Issues Are Suitable For RTT?

Rapid Transformational Therapy is Suitable for a variety of mental, emotional, and physical issues including:nu003culu003en tu003cliu003eAnxietyu003c/liu003en tu003cliu003eDepressionu003c/liu003en tu003cliu003eAddictionsu003c/liu003en tu003cliu003ePain Controlu003c/liu003en tu003cliu003eInsomniau003c/liu003en tu003cliu003eWeight Lossu003c/liu003en tu003cliu003eInfertilityu003c/liu003en tu003cliu003eFears u0026amp; Phobiasu003c/liu003en tu003cliu003eMotivationu003c/liu003en tu003cliu003eChronic Illnessu003c/liu003en tu003cliu003eProcrastinationu003c/liu003en tu003cliu003eOCD and Compulsive Behavioru003c/liu003en tu003cliu003eChronic Stressu003c/liu003en tu003cliu003eConfidenceu003c/liu003en tu003cliu003eSelf-Esteem/ Self-Worthu003c/liu003en tu003cliu003eWealth Wiring/ Money Blocksu003c/liu003en tu003cliu003eSelf-Sabotaging Behavioru003c/liu003en tu003cliu003eFear of Visibilityu003c/liu003en tu003cliu003eSexual Issuesu003c/liu003en tu003cliu003eUnwanted habitsu003c/liu003enu003c/ulu003enSome issues cannot be cured with Rapid Transformational Therapy, however, a relief of symptoms may be obtained. Severe epilepsy and Schizophrenia are not suited for RTT.

How Does RTT Work?

RTT Hypnotherapy allows for direct access to the root cause and reasons you have the issue by teaming up with your subconscious mind. We do not waste time talking about what you consciously think is the cause, as the subconscious mind holds the answers that have been hidden from you. Through these answers, you gain new insight and understanding, and this enables your mind to let go of it for good. We are then able to replace the old beliefs by programming and upgrading your mind with true, empowering beliefs.nnSince most beliefs are formed before the age of 7 while we are in a comparable hypnotic state, transforming these beliefs in the same hypnotic state creates everlasting results.nnThe suggestions you’ve adopted and that others have given you throughout life have formed your beliefs. 95% of the time it’s the subconscious mind that executes these beliefs and you go about your day on complete autopilot. 5% of the time your conscious, thinking mind runs the show. These beliefs create your actions, behaviors, emotions, health, and life. The body follows the mind and this is why we work with the subconscious mind.nnBy doing this, you experience and accomplish rapid, significant, permanent change, empowerment and rapid life improvement.

Is Hypnosis Safe? Can I Lose Control of My Mind?

Hypnosis is safe. During hypnosis, your brain will be in the natural alpha and theta state, comparable to a deep restful sleep or meditation. It’s not only safe, it’s also healthy. You experience these natural states multiple times per day and night (ex: just before falling asleep and just after waking up).nnOverall it’s a feeling of deep relaxation, while you are in control and aware. Achieving results is not dependent on the depth of hypnosis. It works no matter what.nnDuring hypnosis you will be aware and in control the entire time. We will be talking and dialoguing throughout the session. You will also remember and know everything. You maintain your free will. You cannot get u0022stucku0022 in hypnosis. I guide you through the session.nnHypnosis influences the brain in a beneficial way. It won’t take over your brain. It’s a very healthy way of rewiring neural pathways in the brain. Replacing out-dated, non-serving beliefs and negative behavior patterns with new truthful positive beliefs so you can thrive in life.nnScientists have found that the alpha and theta brain wave frequencies do the following:nu003culu003en tu003cliu003erelieve stressu003c/liu003en tu003cliu003efacilitate deep physical relaxationu003c/liu003en tu003cliu003emental clarityu003c/liu003en tu003cliu003eincreased verbal abilityu003c/liu003en tu003cliu003eIncrease performance IQu003c/liu003en tu003cliu003eSynchronization of the two hemispheres of the brainu003c/liu003en tu003cliu003eRecall mental images and creative thinkingu003c/liu003en tu003cliu003eCan reduce painu003c/liu003en tu003cliu003ePromote euphoriau003c/liu003en tu003cliu003eStimulate the release of endorphinsu003c/liu003enu003c/ulu003e

Aren’t Affirmations As Effective?

While affirmations are helpful, repeating affirmations while there is a subconscious belief contradicting that affirmation is futile. It won’t bring change or results. However, repeating positive suggestions in your subconscious mind while in a hypnotic state or using affirmations AFTER your subconscious is aligned with what you want, absolutely brings about change.

How Long Does an RTT Session Take u0026amp; What’s Included?

The session takes about 90 minutes.nnBefore your session, you will receive a short intake form and email support if needed. After your session, to support your transformation, you receive a custom tailor-made personal audio recording with your new empowering blueprint. You will receive 1 follow up call, and 1 month of email after care and support.nnu003cstrongu003eWhat Do You Need For An Online Rapid Transformational Therapy Session? u003c/strongu003enu003culu003en tu003cliu003eAn internet connectionu003c/liu003en tu003cliu003eEither a laptop, phone, or tablet with a camera u0026amp; microphone.u003c/liu003en tu003cliu003eComfortable couch or chair where you can recline or sit comfortably while remaining visible on camera.u003c/liu003enu003c/ulu003enWe will use Zoom for privacy and confidentiality.nnYour session is absolutely confidential. If you don’t feel like sharing certain things, that’s perfectly fine. As long as you are open and able to acknowledge those things for yourself during the session, this will be enough to gain the understanding we’re looking for.