Get noticed. Increase your authority. Turn fence-sitters into paying customers and raving fans.

Here's how we can make that happen together:

  • High-quality engaging videos for your brand
  • Video Scripts
  • Video SEO (keywords, descriptions, and tags) that get you ranking on the first page of You Tube and Google
  • YouTube Live Events & Ranking
  • Roku TV and Amazon Fire TV Channel Creation
  • Video Strategy and consultations
  • Customer Value Optimization Strategy Audit and/or implementation

Now I bet you want to know my rates, right? I’ll be transparent here and tell you:

For non-consulting projects, I typically work with companies and individuals who have at least $800 to $1,000 to invest towards any single project (and that fee can be on a monthly recurring basis if you require ongoing work like blogging).

For consulting of any kind, I charge $150/hour, or a monthly retainer fee if you want to keep me onboard longer.

If those numbers scare you, find another digital marketing expert. I only work with individuals who recognize the value of what they’re investing in. In all honesty, you get a lot for what I give you. You’ll get my 100% dedication to your project, my professionalism from 20+ years as an entrepreneur and online marketer, quality work that meets your deadlines, and proven results which are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Feel free to request a quote to get a better idea of what I’ll charge you.

Base Rates

High-quality Video Creation  (video ads, sales videos, etc)- $550

Video Creation Package (Video creation, video seo & Live Event ranking)- $799

Video Scripts- $1,000

Customer Value Optimization Strategy Audit- $500


By the hour projects:

Copy editing- $65/hour

Proof reading- $40/hour

I also want you to be aware of the other important points before we talk business.

    • We’ll need to talk about your budget. To avoid a lot of back and forth emails that waste both of our time, you can speed up our discussions and help me best decide what I can deliver for you within that budget. I am results-driven in all my work, and I can’t do that without knowing what finances we’re working with.
    • My fees include 30 days of unlimited revisions. I truly doubt you’ll need to take advantage of that guarantee, however. I’ve never had more than one revision request in my entire career.
    • I don’t do bulk pricing. Writing content is not like manufacturing a product. The cost doesn’t decrease when I’m doing bulk work. I don’t want to feel pressured to shortchange the work I put into each article I write for you.
    • Rush orders. My standard turnaround time for most projects is 5-7 days. If you need something done faster, I charge a premium for rush delivery or I’ll decline the work. I add 100% premium for rush deliveries.
    • Total pricing can vary depending on the scope of your needs. Factors like exchange rates (I charge in USD), turnaround time, etc. can also affect pricing. If a project’s scope change in any way at any time, I reserve the right to re-quote based on the new parts of the project you’re requesting (or may not realize you are, at which point you can choose to ignore the new quotes and stick with what we’ve already agreeed on).
    • For all projects, I require a 50% upfront deposit. I’ll refund you half of this percentage if you must cancel our contract within a week of its start date (no refunds will be given after the start date, however). The remaining half of the project fee must be paid immediately on completion. Or you can pay me all up front if you choose to.
    • Your prompt payment holds your spot in my schedule and allows me to start working on your project. If payment isn’t received by the project start date noted in our contract, I won’t begin work until I’ve been paid. No exceptions. I expect you to hold up your end of the deal.
            • Still sound good so far? Contact me to request a quote or get started!